Winning a prestigious award after graduating from Academia de Belle Arte BRERA in Milan – Italy

Spent the following decade as a Creative Director in the Advertising world. He pursued a creative investigation that gravitated towards the concept of “The Beauty of Allure” that combines Art – Creativity and Marketing captivating the essence of Pop Art.

Returning to Italy and continued collaborations in advertising focusing on important elements of the 

“evolution of communication” in the modern age. 

Was part of a group of national / international architects /painters /sculptors that focused on artist investigation,

initializing another fertile period of Sebastiano’s own Art, which ultimately flowed into the creative expression that exist in his present work.

Greatly Influenced by his own Italian Culture:   

Raphael / Michelangelo / Leonardo da Vinci as for Picasso

recognizes and loves all the phases in history.

This unique union translates the past so colourfully and playfully into the present through his unique “PUZZLE ART”

Philosophically related to POP-ART.

Starting from Great Master of Renaissance +  Metaphysical Art.


Blending Popular Street Culture / Modern Graphics / Comics

continuosly cultivating “THE NEW”

A real eclectic Artist always and continuous researching for new technics / ideas expressing himself  Story Telling in a Magical Worls


Every creative idea has its own solution.


Using pop-art’s  flexibility transforming every time the technic 

towards the idea.

Like the Masters he would like his own work to make people stop and ponder and to make them feel emotion in this rushed world we live in:

It is to them that he dedicates his ART

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